My History

An… unconventional route


Hello World_

Not long ago on a warm September evening in Midwest America – a family welcomed their newest member – me!


Early “Career”

I got a bootleg copy of Photoshop at 13 knew I had to work in the design field. With a lot of patience, really slow internet, and photoshop blogs – I taught myself design & started an agency, designing for local businesses & non-profits.


Life Plan

I had it all planned out. Internship + Bible School + Ministry License = a fast track to a full time job as a designer in a mega church – the “dream gig”.

+10 Bible School Graduation
+10 Completed: Media Internship
+10 Earned: License of Ministry

Dreams Come True

Ta Da! Here I am – working my dream job – lead Designer & Developer for church in beautiful Southern California!

What could go wrong…?


I’m Gay!!

Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise to me – I always knew, but my bosses at the church I worked at weren’t fans of my new “lifestyle”.

-10 Removed from leadership 🙁
-10 License of Ministry Revoked 🙁
+ Finding the courage to be myself!
2018 – Now

Freelance Pursuits

Following my removal from church work I jumped into freelancing – launching my web development company, Huntsman Media. Where I’ve been serving clients ever since!

What’s Next

While I love the life of a freelancer, I do miss being part of a team – working alongside other creative and driven people. There’s An energy and sense of accomplishment that I miss from teamwork. 

I’m open to finding a -more accepting- team again! Want me on your team?